Robyn is an international Personal Coach and Mentor and has quite a knack for getting people to believe in themselves. She helps people to see how truly amazing they are! Robyn knows that when someone believes in themselves, and opens up to their full potential, life begins to deliver all kinds of wonderful opportunities and possibilities. The results of which really can be quite magical!

Robyn’s warm, kind, understanding and non-judgmental approach enables people to feel immediately comfortable in her presence even on their first meeting.

Robyn’s style of coaching approach is multi-faceted, and she applies many of her skills and experience to fit the uniqueness of each individual client’s requirements. She sees the coaching relationship as dynamic and collaborative and helps people to find their own answers whilst encouraging them to trust in their wisdom. Her ultimate aim is to act as a catalyst for her clients to be empowered and equipped to live their lives to the fullest.

Robyn refers to herself as a “student of human nature” and lives and breathes her work. She believes in walking the walk and will never ask anything of her clients that she is unprepared to do herself.

Robyn has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 16 years and has attained many qualifications, skills and experience and continues to do so. She confesses to be an eternal student and has a thirst for knowledge. She is a Master NLP Practitioner, an NLP Practitioner with Neuroscience, a Life Coach, a Three Principles Facilitator, attained a BSc (Hons) degree in Homeopathy, is a certified teacher in the life-long learning sector, has trained as a CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach II, qualified as a Personal Trainer, has experience as a university lecturer, clinical supervisor and speaker.

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