It is with great pleasure I get to write a reference for Robyn, to be honest writing references and reviews is not my style however,  this for me was a must!

Anybody contemplating seeking a life coach I personally could not recommend Robyn enough, we all have our ups and down in life and for me last year was tough, unfortunately I didn’t find Robyn straight away I see another life coach first which very nearly put me off coaching for life, I’m 34 and this particular life coach spoke to me like a child and seemed to just tell me how good his life was…

After my first call to Robyn I knew I had found a professional, caring and genuine life coach.

Robyn doesn’t take on every client that contacts her, (which personally I loved) she doesn’t discriminate she just needs to know you will commit to her otherwise you both will be wasting your time.

Life gets us all down at times and sometimes as much as we have caring friends and family around us, they (not meaning too) will play you lip service, when all you need is someone to tell you straight and make you face your issues and fears head on.

I decided to see Robyn and thankfully she knew I was ready for the coaching journey and so it began.

Once you have completed your free meet and great with Robyn, you then have a whole day together, on my arrival to this day,
“i thought what are we going to talk about for 8hrs?”  I was shocked at how fast the time flew and how emerged in the process I become.

Robyn does not tell, teach or judge, she guides and reveals your happy true inner you (I know at this time you may not feel like it’s still there, but trust me Robyn will help you find it again)

I see Robyn for 6months before I felt ready to carry on my journey on my own during this time my whole out look on life and myself changed for the better I started to see me again, the happy me, the confident me, the me I thought I had lost.

I now class Robyn as a life long friend, and even now 6months after our last session Robyn still checks in on me to see how I am.

I have so much respect and love for Robyn and will never forget how much she helped through my bad times.

It’s a lovely thought to think that there may be someone out that after reading my review takes the plunge and commits to Robyn and starts their own exciting journey.

Good luck x
34 Year Old Male Business Owner