I decided to see Robyn and thankfully she knew I was ready for the coaching journey and so it began

It is with great pleasure I get to write a reference for Robyn, to be honest writing references and reviews is not my style however,  this for me was a must!

Anybody contemplating seeking a life coach I personally could not recommend Robyn enough, we all have our ups and down in life and for me last year was tough, unfortunately I didn’t find Robyn straight away I see another life coach first which very nearly put me off coaching for life, I’m 34 and this particular life coach spoke to me like a child and seemed to just tell me how good his life was…

After my first call to Robyn I knew I had found a professional, caring and genuine life coach.

Robyn doesn’t take on every client that contacts her, (which personally I loved) she doesn’t discriminate she just needs to know you will commit to her otherwise you both will be wasting your time.

Life gets us all down at times and sometimes as much as we have caring friends and family around us, they (not meaning too) will play you lip service, when all you need is someone to tell you straight and make you face your issues and fears head on.

I decided to see Robyn and thankfully she knew I was ready for the coaching journey and so it began.

Once you have completed your free meet and great with Robyn, you then have a whole day together, on my arrival to this day,
“i thought what are we going to talk about for 8hrs?”  I was shocked at how fast the time flew and how emerged in the process I become.

Robyn does not tell, teach or judge, she guides and reveals your happy true inner you (I know at this time you may not feel like it’s still there, but trust me Robyn will help you find it again)

I see Robyn for 6months before I felt ready to carry on my journey on my own during this time my whole out look on life and myself changed for the better I started to see me again, the happy me, the confident me, the me I thought I had lost.

I now class Robyn as a life long friend, and even now 6months after our last session Robyn still checks in on me to see how I am.

I have so much respect and love for Robyn and will never forget how much she helped through my bad times.

It’s a lovely thought to think that there may be someone out that after reading my review takes the plunge and commits to Robyn and starts their own exciting journey.

Good luck x
34 Year Old Male Business Owner

You were my light at the start of the tunnel

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU. You were my light at the start of the tunnel, inspired to me to become the person I’m growing into and the guiding hands through the times of darkness and for this I am truly grateful.

I do feel so much stronger

Just to say thank you so much for helping me conquer my fears, gain self-confidence and not be afraid of challenges that come my way.  I do feel so much stronger, positive and contented person and know I will be able to tackle problems in a much calmer way  Thank you again.


Confident in myself and loving life

When I first came to see Robyn I was extremely low, emotional on a daily basis and just felt hopeless.  I had no confidence in myself and my worth.  I would constantly question what my purpose was and why I was even here.  I would always think the worst and let my fears and worries about the future get the better of me.  Through regular sessions with Robyn I am now in a place that I never thought I would be.  I can finally say tat I am happy, confident in myself and loving life!

We worked on where I wanted to be in terms of my life, happiness, hopes and dreams etc and the strategies that I could do to help me get to my goal.  I am happy, a feeling that I did not imagine I would feel, and I am so thankful to Robyn helping me get to where I am now I feel like I am starting a whole new life that I can actually enjoy!


Robyn Graham is an absolute legend!

Robyn Graham is an absolute legend! Working with Robyn has taught me so much.  I have taken journeys, overcome challenges, worked overseas, expanded my learning, discovered new coping mechanisms and am living with far less fear as a result of working and learning with Robyn.  The way I show up for life has changed and really improved my experiences and confidence and I would not be enjoying these now if I hadn’t learnt valuable lessons and received Robyn’s wisdom and guidance.  Take the first step and say yes to making a change in your life – with Robyn to guide you, you’re in safe hands”

“Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better”  Maya Angelou

Business Owner

Thank you Robyn from the bottom of my heart!

When I started my journey with Robyn, I was a single mum of two girls, trying to run my business and feeling like I had no time to fit everything in along with other everyday troubles.  Life felt like one permanent struggle! Robyn has helped me to make my life something that I want and look forward to.  I can honestly say that before that I didn’t understand the “point” of life, apart from living to look after the children so they were ok.  My health was also poor and I was on several different medications.  My business also struggled because of my personal issues.  I would call Robyn a “Life Transforming Coach” as this is what I believe fits well with what she has done for me.  My children are happier due to the tools I have been given, my health is so much better and I am off all medication (apart from one), I am feeling well, energised and excited about my future and my business is now thriving.  I have learned to look after myself and I now know that this is something that we all need to do without feeling guilty (which I always did).  Robyn has coached my children, father and brother, who have also reaped the benefits and feel happier and healthier too!  Anyone embarking on a journey of life coaching need to know that results really do depend on how much they put into it and how much they use the tools as the more you do the quicker the transformation!

Thank you Robyn from the bottom of my heart!

Business Owner & Mother

I want to again thank Robyn for transforming my life

“After a couple of sessions with Robyn she got me to start looking at life and things from a different perspective. My bad days still happened but over time I was shown how to handle things better and adjust my perceptions.  Robyn’s advice and support is invaluable and I thank her from the bottom of my heart and continue to recommend her services to others.  My confidence and self belief have improved and continues to improve…. I want to again thank Robyn for transforming my life…”

Testimonial from: BB

Isn’t life just wonderful when it’s filled with love

I used to suffer with feeling very self conscious and not wanting and dreading going out socially… Thanks to you Robyn you really have turned my life around and it’s still happening.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Isn’t life just wonderful when it’s filled with love 🙂