When I started my journey with Robyn, I was a single mum of two girls, trying to run my business and feeling like I had no time to fit everything in along with other everyday troubles.  Life felt like one permanent struggle! Robyn has helped me to make my life something that I want and look forward to.  I can honestly say that before that I didn’t understand the “point” of life, apart from living to look after the children so they were ok.  My health was also poor and I was on several different medications.  My business also struggled because of my personal issues.  I would call Robyn a “Life Transforming Coach” as this is what I believe fits well with what she has done for me.  My children are happier due to the tools I have been given, my health is so much better and I am off all medication (apart from one), I am feeling well, energised and excited about my future and my business is now thriving.  I have learned to look after myself and I now know that this is something that we all need to do without feeling guilty (which I always did).  Robyn has coached my children, father and brother, who have also reaped the benefits and feel happier and healthier too!  Anyone embarking on a journey of life coaching need to know that results really do depend on how much they put into it and how much they use the tools as the more you do the quicker the transformation!

Thank you Robyn from the bottom of my heart!

Business Owner & Mother